Friday, 11 January 2013

2013- There you go!

Happy New Year Guys!

Resolutions,resolutions, resolutions!!!! So many yet none followed....

Hey, what happened to “The world will end” on 12.12.12 saga, oops it got postponed to 21.12.12 , guess what?? Its 11.12.2013, and we are still alive and so not kicking.

Well I wouldn’t get into that sulking zone like many and say Whats so new about the year, it always is the same. Hell no, you grow an year elder. Duh!

And in my case, it would be turning into a graduate. Now there’s nothing to be proud of  if you see it from my eyes. *Zipped*

You’re no more a student who can get up any time you want, sleep in the afternoon, then sleep late in the night and do whatever the heck you wanna do. Why?? Because you have a job, which pays you after slogging your uhmm lets say head off, for a month and I swear to god the month does not even seem like a month, it seems like an year and you wanna say Dude, Where the hell is my salary???

U get familiar with this term called Boss, whose prime role is to belittle your efforts and the only reason why he/she gets paid is to sit at the desk and give u orders, you do them, you don’t leave the office till its finished, while your boss is just having a merry time, comes late leaves early still, takes away all the credit. Despite the efforts being put in, they always manage to go in vain. Now that’s so very convenient isn’t it? Hmph!

The moment you quit your job, nomatter how many genuine reasons you had you will find your family and people around going ballistic about it.
Its like woah, You did a blunder! Along comes the judgement too, she/he is useless, is not getting a job, just sits at home does nothing. Helloo the market can be down too, did that thought ever even fainty occur your mind? Or maybe he/she turned down the offers, OR MAYBE JUST MIND YOUR OWN BUSINESS! Will you?

You quit your job, does not mean you’re a loser or even a quitter for that matter. You just followed your heart.
I mean u gave your 1st 10th grade board exam. Every one’s first board is the scariest thing. It surely is!! If you were a quitter, you would have never attempted that also.

Ohkay before I get into a whole new tangent out here, I just wanna say that whatever decision you took in the past should not be regretted today not because your having problems because of them right now, but because you felt it was the best for you that moment.  Also, you will overcome today too.

Move on from the bad, good, evil and pure because everything happens for a reason and indeed for the good!

So just keep faith in yourself and move on! And that’s my new year resolution! J


Moving on 2012!