Thursday, 16 April 2015

Back To you!


I almost forgot that a part of me who writes exists.... Can't blame but yes working does take a toll on your life....

Even if you're not busy you still do manage to take out half of your day cribbing how much work you've got on your plate... i am actually thinking what to fill into this new post...Strange cuz i didn't need to think before, it came out naturally though... Have i lost my mind?? Have i forgotten how to write?? Have i changed? AND THERE IT COMES, Have i lost MYSELF??? :((

While this nonstop debate between the right & left side of my top floor device called a brain is going on, I call out loud for help from you all... is it normal to feel like this?

For once lets chuck all of this, all the tensions happening in the whole wide world, all the work thats running through every vein of our thinking system, all the taunts that come in our way of growing up, all the gf/bf problems, all the domestic tiffs.. Clear all the roots to frustration and  just be happy.... Don't try and please anyone, Please Yourself.. Fall in love wid youself!

                                                                  Be You!

Its true that you can only come up after you've reached your ultimate low! But why waiting to realise the truth till you reach your lowest, why not now?? Come on, gear up! Pull up your socks and go do what pleases u.....

Go sing that song like crazy in public, laugh like a beast, dance in the rain, listen to your fav song, eat that calorie full cheeseburst pizza, have a bottle of wine, watch that movie, pick up your, phone call that long lost friend of yours, let go of you egos,act like a child even if the world makes fun of you.. Don't care.... Do whatever the hell you wanna do!

                                                    Be you!!!! Cuz happiness is U :))

P.S.-- Although it feels great to blog aftre more than a year but my apologies if it wasn't that great. I promise to come up with a better one next time and pretty soon :)) Writing gives me happiness so im gonna be me :P

Cheers & Kisses!

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