Thursday, 1 September 2011

Lyf it is!

Disappointments totally change the whole definition of LIFE!!
How conveniently we shift from Life is Beautiful to Life is a Bitch! Don’t we?

For instance,
I didn’t wanna fail my chemistry xams in school, didn’t expect my mum to read my personal diary in the 11th grade, I certainly didn’t expect to get heartbroken, as if I expected to go off to sleep after  chugging 4 beers, especially after deciding that iam gonna party hard after getting drunk!! And the “I didn’t expect” list is very long so chuk that.

Its funny that everytime I got or get into a problem, the very first question that I ask God is, Y only me??? What have I done?? Pichle janam ka badla pichle janam main hi lena thana… ab kyuu??

Then comes the whole healing process…I mean, gloomy days hover, sad senti songs become your best friends, you get into depression, hibernation, isolation, put on weight etc etc…

So just to keep myself on track, I decided to deviate myself a little bit and pushed myself to start thinking the other way round.

For instance, I imagined myself never failing in the chemistry exam. Guess what I saw?? I saw being aimless and without passion, hence a loser in life. Because I didn’t fail, I didn’t have the  zeal to become a winner and overcome failure. Similarly if I wouldn’t have got caught red handed, I would have never known what fear is. Nothing would have scared me, then how could I have felt what relief was??  Well getting heartbroken was not what I wanted to get into but ya ofcourse again I would have never felt pain and certainly pleasure and happiness would have been outta my my dictionary. If I wouldn’t have gone off to sleep after getting drunk then I wouldn’t have known what HANGOVER was… lol! :P Life looked bland!!

I answered my own questions and things fell into place all by themselves petting my disturbed peace of mind. Hope it brings some peace to you as well. J

This is LIFE, more or less like a train.. But each and every compartment, from the sleeper to the 1st ac is equally important to reach your destination. And that’s how it is, scary yet fun.

So saying that LIFE IS SHIT would not be wise…It gives you alotta shit, but it totally depends upon you, whose shit you can or wanna  deal with and whose shit you wanna catch and then throw back saying “IN YOUR FACE LOSER” :P

Cheers! <3


  1. hey Vinita, its awesome... love it... muah.

  2. get rid of the word verification :x

  3. @medha- thanku so much! im glad u lykd it :) muahz!

  4. coool as u r !!!! ya life is nt bed o roses!! after getting defeated thn only v realize the meaning of winning