Friday, 7 October 2011

Your’re his Princess!!

You receive a tiara on your  very first day in his arms,
That very moment he’s swept by your innocent charms.
You become his angel and he guards you strong,
He stands by you even when you’re wrong.
A scratch on your body twitches his soul,
To bring a smile on your face he could dig a hole.
Your first day at school and he’s nervous as heck,
If you beg to differ then go have a check.
Your first board makes his heart pound fast,
Daddy keeps praying while waiting outside till the exam lasts.
He secretly gives you extra pocket money when you're outta cash,
Ready as your saviour always,saving you from mum’s bash.
You’ll always be his lil angel nomatter how old you are,
He considers you the prettiest, his shining star.
Then comes the day when you have to leave him,
The thought that you’re going to another house slowly kills him.
He goes back to a flashback to the days when you were naughty,
Its hard to convince him you’ve grown up, even when your forty.
He sees you grow old and time moves onn,
He holds onto his last breath to see you and then he’s gone.
There he lies dead and you’re nothing but helpless,
Except his last words,” You’ll always be my princess

Love u daddy!


  1. Viniti Ravi its ur best post!!! every line is full of so many emotions and feelings! Our dad deserve all the happiness and we shld make all efforts to make him the proudest KING OF THIS PRINCESS!

  2. This made me cry Vinsiee pooh! honestly, heartfelt words!

  3. Tahira & akaansaa- awwwie! thanks a ton!:*

  4. You're awesome. I'm sort of welling up here.