Tuesday, 22 November 2011


Dear Lord, hear my request,
Whilst I put forth my plea.
Let remain this year a quest,
Do not just let it be.
Now cometh the new year,
Bad memories not to be embraced.
Give me thou the strength not fear,
To forget the incidents I faced.
I wish to give up on him,
Who didn’t love me back.
The friend that kept me at the brim,
Nomore be in my life’s sack.
Welcome the year with a fresh start,
Cometh the time for those who love.
And so shall I have a clean heart,
When push came to shove.
Let pain be gone so far away,
As I will be moving past.
Not a fraction to wander as I can slay,
I just want to have a blast.
Free the robe tied around the neck,
I do not wish to cry,
To this year I come to give a peck,
As I kiss you Goodbye!

Countdown begins! New year just around the corner!

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  1. I '+1'ed this :D
    Free Publicity Vinitaaa :P
    like you said, I loved it.