Saturday, 24 December 2011

The Last Year!

Time flies! Yes it truly does!
How can today be 24th December already, when yesterday was 1st Jan 2011.
I just, had made my new year resolution“To weigh 48 kgs by the end of December”??
Good I didn’t specify the year! ;D buh!

To be honest, no words to describe this year. Really!!
Starting it with AWE is definitely certain but I am not really sure whether I should end it with SOME or FUL.

From coming across things, I had never even imagined existed, to major highs and lows, falling in and outta love, got to know who my true friends are and who are not, proper work experience, FIRST SALARYYYYY!!! Yayie!

& the most important, INDIA WON THE WORLD CUP! :D woohoooo!

So many things don’t happen in a day, so yes it must have taken 365 days! :P
But I am sure out of these 365 days, all of us must have come across one day which was the longest. For instance, when I desperately wait for somebody’s call, those times are the toughest for me, one minute seem like an year. GRRR!

Since New year is just around the corner and everybody must have already started making their list of resolutions, I thought of making mine too! :D May be you can have the same!

“ Start Afresh forget the past”
As much cliché it sounds but seriously,  No point clinging on to your past when all it gives is, HURT! I mean how is dealing with someone you love badly going to help?? If that person doesn’t reciprocate the same feeling? Its like hammering your self esteem! And for a matter of fact, past is past, u can never rewind your life!

Although its really hard to let go of people you really love, but that burning sensation that you go through is not worth it, cuz those people don’t deserve it!

Why not giving a chance to those who really love you? Spending time with people who really care and are your true friends!

“Time to love those who love you”
This was the LAST YEAR which had sorrows, fights, when u cried! Well technically,if the news about 2012 destruction is not false, then it actually is the last year! Oops! Lol!

Start afresh! Carry all the good memories and wash away all the bad memories of people who have cause hurt.
Fall in love again and this time be more careful, make new, good and true friends, be happy cuz you deserve all the happiness,love and care in this world!

I AM HAPPY Today, tomorrow and foreva! Are you?


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