Thursday, 12 January 2012


Lost in those days when she had no responsibilities in life, Sam remembered the days when her ambition in life was to become a doctor which then later switched over to becoming an engineer by getting into IIT.
Funny how taking up science in the 11th grade made her realise that engineering is also just another entry in the list of her ever so changing ambition.
Her flickering mind left her in despair and sheer confusion as to what she wants to do in life.
Not knowing what is in her pocket, she decides to give the entrance’s for all types of categories.
Well yes, this smart little decision of spreading her hands everywhere atleast got her through one of the best fashion colleges.
Four years somehow passed in laughter and Sam now is in the same position where she was a while back just that the situation is a little bit different.

Her heart pounding fast with blood circulating at the speed of light, fists so tight and feeling hot even when the temperature outside was 3 degrees. Yes, it was the coldest day of the month. The CRD(corporate relations department) guy called out her name and asked, if she was ready for the interview. The job profile seemed real nice and above all, her dream place Mumbai was where the office was located.
Although her confidence touched the sky as she was so sure that she’ll get through but being human, she had the normal grumbling in her stomach. She went inside the room, all set for being grilled inside and went through the same regular process.
A positive feedback and being told that she’s through by getting a final confirmation the next day was the reason of her pre celebration.

GUESS WHAT, the next day came as a SHOCKER for her. She got to know that she’s not selected for the company. She froze as her mood swayed making a graph ranging from confusion, anxiety, sorrow and anger. She didn’t know what to do with tears falling nonstop, whether she should congratulate her close friend who got through and be a part of her joy or grieve her own loss.
Although she now knew one thing for sure:-

                                   ‘You will never know until it happens with you’.

Sam now empathises with all those people whom she never even gave the slightest thought. She knows how it feels to not get something you badly wanted even when you are capable of it.
At the very same time, she is happy to realise how it feels because the fighter inside her screams out loud that this is not the end of the world as ‘SOMETHING BETTER IS IN STORE FOR YOU’.

Sam will not give up and so won't u!

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