Saturday, 4 February 2012

LOVE- A Strange Story!

So its FEB or shall I say FAB. It’s the louvee month again!
A time when a dozen of couples will be seen hanging in and around, entry of colors red and pink as if there are no other colors in this world, giving names to each day from chocolate to rose to propose to what not and finally The Valentine’s Day.
Even boys who’re not serious about relationships celebrate this day so religiously. They don’t wish to be seen single or loitering around with a bunch of best soccer buddies with whom they don’t even miss a single football match. That one day when guys don’t preach soccer! :P  Funny yet a True Story!

People who bullshit around “ Iam single but not ready to mingle” dress their best making it quite evident that they don’t mean what they say!
And yes girls are no less! They start dieting a month in advance. After all they’ve got to look their best on V day. ;D
Its strange how strange Love is, that it makes us celebrate the month with the same passion and excitement every year with a different person :P.. Well yes, some do manage to celebrate it with the same person again(They are called Exceptions) :P and they are the people who after getting married end up saying “Shaadi is barbaadi” the most. Lol!

What really amazes me is, how people fall in Love not once, twice, thrice and as u know the number goes on. But the strange fact is, we are head over heels everytime we are with someone and we feel that this is it, he/she is the one even if that person doesn’t fit in the description of the guy/girl of our dreams.

Even if we feel we are not in love, breakup does it all or rather if your guy/girl has moved on. Ohh boy, you’re gone, Doomed. You’ll stalk that person, make his/her life miserable, send guilt messages, try to win him/her back. Yes everyone does it.
And the funny part is once you start getting attention from another new hottie, your love suddenly shifts.
So do your statements about your ex like He who?? Cheee r u mad? I wasn’t serious yar.  If by chance you get to see their pics, its like all their faults attract you which once upon a time were hidden. You start finding them ugly looking. From “Ooo he’s so lovable”, it becomes “Yuck how did I even like him”??? “This jerk ,shitt god dyam it, I cried for him”??? “What on earth was I thinking”?? or “Was I even thinking”??? Lol!

What is love??? It seems nobody on this planet can describe it properly. Me neither!

But to put it in words, Love too, is not perfect as it has its pros and cons.
It makes you insecure, a jealous stalker. It makes you cry, get angry, FAT in depression, irritable, dull, shoots up your blood pressure and then plays around making it very low and all the bad things you can think of.
But at the same time, its beautiful as it levitates your body’s soul, makes you smile for no reason, you blush when you think about that person, makes you do things you’ve never done before, makes you sweet and calm,  and most of all it makes you HAPPY!


So, people out there don’t run away from it cuz it will happen to you sometime or the other not once, twice but many times. So lets just enjoy it as long as we can cuz ‘Life is too short’ and we cannot afford to miss out on the most precious thing.



  1. i have the best depression in this world.. it makes me loose weight ;P

  2. U also start dieting a month in advance for your bday na lol:P
    Interesting ! keep blogging .. :)

    1. The whole world does! :P huh! nd thenxxx ;D