Friday, 5 August 2016

Aunty Shutup!

Beta aap shaadi kab karoge?
Aunty aap apna business mind kab karoge?

Dear Aunty,

I really wish to know, how will me getting married benefit you? Oh yes, your ego or let’s say status might hit the graph after all the gloating over your son’s/daughter’s/relatives success. From one thing leading to another, you’re obvious next question will be, when will I have a baby? Cuz oh my god you’re deeply concerned about my biological clock ticking. Followed by admissions of my kids, then their scores, their college, jobs and finally their “Wedding plans”. After your major breakthrough as a societal gossip monger, you will finally be old and die in peace.

So why not have it the other way round? Let me ask you, Errr Aunty Aap Kabh Maroge?

So next time you try and be a shooter, don’t pull off a face when I press the trigger. You’re about to get some grief. Wait, did I just give you a piece to spread the word?  Shush, don’t drop the ball in here!

Guess, who's the gansta in town? <smirks>

Yours Sincerely,
(From all the girls distressed with aunty nuisance)

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