Saturday, 25 June 2011



To begin with,
I don't know y i am doing this but i just know i feel like blogging so here iam... To start with myself.. Iam Vinita Ravi..
A girl who is normal like everyone! By everyone i mean the living category who are called the homosapiens!!!
I believe a blog is a place where you can write just about anything and everything.... But i just write when iam either happy or sad or i come across something strange... And by Everything i do not mean everything especially after facing the consequences of  vomiting every single bit of my life in a diary in the 11th grade...:P
My friends know it...Wohh that was a scene! Phew!
So ya, if you like what you get to read which is written by me then Thankyou but if you don't, then also Thankyou.. Atleast you took the pains to go through it and AS IF I CARE!


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