Sunday, 26 June 2011


Three years its been perfect, you and me so charismatic,
Not knowing whats comin next, making things lunatic.
The joy given by your soft touch kisses away with time,
You’r nomore the same Ron, no longer seem mine.
You decided to leave me all of a sudden, I cried and begged,
I lost my conscious and found myself in the hospital bed.
I kept hallucinating you, but you were nowhere,
You’ve started enjoying your new world somewhere.
Eight months had passed by but the gloom was stagnant,
The season didn’t wanna change as if autumn was permanent.
But as its said all good things come to an end.
So that doesn’t mean my story wouldn’t take a bend.
Thereby comes Chuck, my new neighbour.
He seemed cute, so was worth the labour.
Spring ran over autumn and life started to go on smoothly,
He was my new sweetheart and I,  his lovely.
Problems did come ,fights made me numb,
But I bought all his excuses and pretended to act dumb.
I finally gave up on him as I got to know of his crime,
He is not a one woman man, he likes to multi-time.
I was shattered cuz I loved him, leaving him was a pain,
Revenge was my new motive, I couldn’t see myself in vain.
Heartbreak the reason for my paranoia,
I dated several men and gotta a tag “Female Casanova” ;D
I began to enjoy being savage, I still carry the tag along,
All of a sudden Ron comes back, thought he would take lifelong.
He say’s he’s sorry and regrets for hurting me,
Tears rolling down his cheek, nothing was bothering me.
You were everything to me then, my world my Ron,
Ur too late now, haven’t you heard about the new “DON”? ;D

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