Sunday, 26 June 2011


Everyone once in a lifetime go through a bad phase. Where everything seems tough and nothing goes your way.

No matter how much u force yourself to think positive, negativity will always win the race coming in the way to muddle your thoughts and pestering your brain.

I always hated my name... y?? cuz first of all its an old fashioned name.. second of all it starts with V, the 22nd letter if u follow the alphabetical order because of which at school I always ended up being the last roll no. or the second last.. How does it matter anyway… Kiddish thought back then. Lol! But its true!
But to give my name a thought the first 3 letters sound Win although its Vin so to hell with the spellings, atleast it makes me feel like a winner and I feel great about it..
Courtesy my college friends who call me vinvin and yes the win win situation ppts…
Or my id who is mainly responsible for the origination of Vinvin.. :P
So you see, how a positive thought can make you feel good..

Expectation is the greatest enemy of all as all you do is keep raising bars and then disappointing yourself in the end. How can you expect someone to do what you want?

And SO, a positive thought really counts even if you think it doesn’t. For instance you don’t have to get bogged down by a heartbreak instead y not having an affair with yourself? I mean who will love you more than yourself? You will exactly treat yourself the way you want to get treated by your partner. Love yourself,support yourself and encourage yourself just the way you would want someone else to do the same.. You will love it, it’s the best feeling. Even if its wrong, who cares as long as you are happy.

Just start loving yourself and you will know it all.
A positive thought will show it all.
Just go and give it a call! ;D

& still if it doesn’t work, then just go watch How I met your mother! It’s the frigging BEST! 


  1. O'ooo..thats a cool u have hit the nail on its head..bang on..!!!!

    Btww..I am ur first comment I guess..!!!

  2. who made ur ids??? so who is responsible for ur +ve thinkn... u shd like TOTALLY LOVE ME!! ;P

  3. aww... vin vin..... that is really nice.....
    stay blessed and positive always....
    luv u...:) :)

  4. lowely bhannnntyyyy...lubly!!! and i love you..:)

  5. @max:- yep!tnx a ton 4 appreciating!
    @di:- yesss! hail u!
    @nanz:-tnx batty luv u 2..
    @swaats:- thenx bhery much.. lub u 234..

  6. I love you for loving yourself FIRST :)

  7. i love u 4 everythingggg :))))