Sunday, 26 June 2011


I am amazed how u cajole me by saying we are not different souls,
Even though I know we stand at complete opposite poles.
Your one glimpse makes my heart beat so fast,
That the best pacemaker when in competition stands aghast.
Love is so pure and so divine,
That when it happens, ur eyes glitters with a bright shine.
To me u mean the world nomatter wat I am 2 u,
Ur thoughts keep hovering me, I guess they are stuck with a glue.
Sometyms I wonder, where were u all this while,
But who cares now, u just give me a reason to smile.
I keep imagining what my eyes will see,
When your face will be before me.
Baby I am normal, I may feel insecure,
But these feelings get jolted cuz ur love gives me the strength 2 endure.
When I feel lonely and the pain makes me weep,
U come like an angel and make me fall asleep.
U treat me like a princess, u think iam naïve,
My hand in your hand will surpass every battle, its stronger than a bee hive.

:) <3

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