Wednesday, 19 October 2016

A Part of Me...

A part of me is dead... A big part.. not a small one... the part that helped me stay strong.. the part that made me feel it will all be alright... you were that part of me.

Do you miss me? cuz I miss you terribly.. My heart aches like someone is putting a hot iron rod through it... my brain does over time... it feels like a rusted old piece of machinery that's trying to work but finds it hard to move an inch.

You're like the air to me..Vital.. I took it for granted that you will last forever, or at least until my last breath.. its hard to breathe now.

It hurts me to think that you're gone.. but it hurts me even more that you decided to go on your own. Without a word. without a touch. You're a part of me, and will always be... even though you're dead.

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